Contact information for collaborators involved in the American Residential Macrosystems Project

Arizona State University

Sharon J. Hall, Co-PI, email
Kelli Larson, Co-PI, email
Riley Andrade, PhD Student, email
Laura Steger, Phoenix Data Manager, email
Megan Wheeler, PhD Student, email

City University of New York

Peter M. Groffman; PI, email
Desiree L. Narango; Postdoctoral Researcher, email
Laura Templeton, Baltimore Data Manager, email

Clark University

Rinku Roy Chowdhury, Co-PI, email

Dartmouth College

Laura Ogden, Co-PI, email

Duke University

Jim Heffernan, Co-PI, email
Anika Bratt, Postdoctoral Researcher, email

Johns Hopkins University

Meghan Avolio, Co-PI, email

Portland State University

Jennifer Morse, Co-PI, email

The Nature Conservancy

Tom Chase, Co-PI, email

University of Delaware

Tara Trammell, Co-PI, email

University of Minnesota

Jeannine Cavendar-Bares, Co-PI, email
Sarah Hobbie, Co-PI, email
Kristen Nelson, Co-PI, email
Josep Padulles Cubino, Postdoctoral Researcher, email
Jesse Engebretson,Postdoctoral Researcher, email

University of Utah

Diane Pataki, Co-PI, email
Noortje Grijseels, LA Data Manager, email

University of Vermont

Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Co-PI, email

USDA Forest Service

J. Morgan Grove, Co-PI, email
Susannah B. Lerman; Co-PI, email
Dexter Locke, Researcher, email

Woods Hole Research Center

Christopher Neill, Co-PI, email